All Roads Converge

All Roads Converge at New Gomorrah.

When I posted about fear, I was thinking about a book I am working on. The title is still pending, but the concept is set in stone.

In a world haunted by fear – full of personal demons and waking nightmares alike – Viktor must find his way home. The problem is he doesn’t know where home is. He can’t remember. He might never have known to begin with.

What lurks in the shadows, what’s summoned in the dark, is very real. While we experience what goes bump in the night as imagined, often irrational fears, Viktor and his companions experience as a tangible, nightmarish reality.

So stick to the light lest the darkness consumes you.

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Life in New Gomorrah must go on. Everyone has their vices. Everyone copes with the harshness of their environment in different ways. From drugs, to whoring, to joining a Convoy to terrorize the weak, to just dancing the nights away, the denizens greet each new dawn with a stubborn tenacity that only those who experience the worst of the world day in and day out can muster.

This is New Gomorrah. There’s blood on the street and monsters hiding in the dark, but the music of survival still reverberates through their veins.


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