About Curtis A. Deeter

Hello, Children of Earth!

Curtis A. Deeter is an author of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He lives in Ohio with his beautiful wife, Danielle, and his insanely, mad-scientist-level genius son, Theodore. When he is not writing, he can be found reading, discovering new music, and taste-testing craft beer at local breweries.

He started writing at a young age. To this day, Curtis discovers old notebooks from when he was a kid detailing intricate fantasy worlds, exploring the weird realms of his over-active imagination, and introducing a cast of wacky, wild, and wonderful characters. While some of his original work is quite laughable, it is clear the passion to create has been there from the very start.

Now, he has several publishing credits under his belt starting with his first published short story, Clark the Herald Sings (2018). He is actively adding to his portfolio with his debut novel, “Morning Blood in Mio,” expected to release soon and dozens of short stories either published, to be published, or sent out to publishers.

Recent Posts
  • Morning Blood in Mio; The Shrine Alive

    Morning Blood in Mio; The Shrine Alive

    I’m often asked, “Where do you get your ideas?” Fair question. They’re a bit madcap at best. But, to creatives, this question is as cliché as the love triangle and as annoyingly commonplace as BMs. The question people should ask is, “How do you connect your ideas,” because ideas are a dime a dozen. How […]Read More »
  • Morning Blood in Mio; Places

    Morning Blood in Mio; Places

    Last time, we talked about the origin of the title: Morning Blood in Mio. Today, I want to shift focus to some of the nouns—the people, places, and things—that helped bring Morning Blood to life. These are tangible places I used to ground this wacky and, at times, absurd story. Keep in mind I took […]Read More »
  • Morning Blood in Mio; The Birth of a Novel

    Morning Blood in Mio; The Birth of a Novel

    Picture this: The year is 2015. I’m a summer separated from a difficult break-up that would change my life for all the best reasons but still hurt like hell. My pen has been dry for nearly four years; my well of creativity is all but empty. M-33 is shrouded by pines and oaks and maples. […]Read More »
  • Catching Lightning

    Catching Lightning

    As the title of this post suggests, there’s an element of magic behind writing. Tell someone you’re a writer and they inevitably ask, “Where do you get your ideas?” After, “What do you do for a living, then?” and “Why?”, of course. And this is both a wonderful question and the worst question you could […]Read More »
  • Wyclef’s Great Adventure: “Choose Your Own” – Part Two

    Wyclef’s Great Adventure: “Choose Your Own” – Part Two

    Part Two: Up the Tall Tree   Chomping on a piece of jerky, Wyclef makes a decision. “I’m going to the Far Side, today. I’ll get myself as lost as I can tomorrow.” Renewed with vim and vigor, he sips his canteen, double checks that his gear is all fastened, and sprints forward. The rush […]Read More »