About Curtis A. Deeter

Hello, Children of Earth!

Curtis A. Deeter is an author of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He lives in Ohio with his beautiful wife, Danielle, and his insanely, mad-scientist-level genius son, Theodore. When he is not writing, he can be found reading, discovering new music, and taste-testing craft beer at local breweries.

He started writing at a young age. To this day, Curtis discovers old notebooks from when he was a kid detailing intricate fantasy worlds, exploring the weird realms of his over-active imagination, and introducing a cast of wacky, wild, and wonderful characters. While some of his original work is quite laughable, it is clear the passion to create has been there from the very start.

Now, he has several publishing credits under his belt starting with his first published short story, Clark the Herald Sings (2018). He is actively adding to his portfolio with his debut novel, “Morning Blood in Mio,” expected to release soon and dozens of short stories either published, to be published, or sent out to publishers.

Recent Posts
  • The Noctis Labyrinthus Bazaar

    The Noctis Labyrinthus Bazaar

    Here it is, the 30th publication of my “April Challenge”. I did it. I really can’t believe I did it, but *bam* it’s done. I enjoyed every minute of it, too. After the dust settles and I decide what to do next, I’m going to add a post of what I learned from the experience […]Read More »
  • The Church of Luke

    The Church of Luke

    This is a standalone short story that takes place in the same universe as two of my novels, Morning Blood in Mio (currently in the last stages of editing prior to publication), and Chasing Rapture, Bobbing for Apocalypse (on deck to be edited, as well). As far as the timeline is concerned, it takes place during the latter. “The […]Read More »
  • Mukesh’s Maleficium

    Mukesh’s Maleficium

    I don’t have a lot to say about this narrative poem. It has dark magic and the meeting of in-laws. For many of us mundane individuals, the latter is probably a more reasonable thing to worry about. What do our in-laws think of us? Do they accept us as part of the family? Are we […]Read More »
  • December 2015

    December 2015

    At a time in my life when I saw no way up out of a dark place, this little piece came out. It’s about loss and eventual recovery. Even at our worst moments, there is always hope right around the corner. Sometimes it’s just found where you least expect it. Life has gotten much, much […]Read More »
  • Sheila


    A bit of reality sprinkled into fiction makes it believable. In this case, more of this story actually happened than not. I won’t tell you what bits. I’ve lived in a lot of different places over the years. From each, I’ve taken bits and pieces with me after I’ve left. Too much happened in the […]Read More »