Just a bit of venting

So, let’s get one thing straight right out the gate. I love people. I find the life of the individual fascinating, and digging into the unique experiences of those I meet along my own path is deeply rewarding. We all have something to offer this world, a way to make it a better place. That in itself is a beautiful thing.

But I’m frustrated. And fed up.

A person is a miracle. A rabble is a freaking curse.


Social media, of which I’m guilty of partaking and allowing too much of my focus to go towards (I won’t be the first to admit), can be a useful, enriching tool. A lot of people, especially those without a community of their own, find a sort of safe haven among like-minded individuals. They find a refuge in which they can discuss and learn and grow. For some, it can even be a lifeline.

However, far too often I’ve seen social media get NASTY. And I don’t mean like “I just drank a glass of sour milk” nasty. I mean “holy crap how can normal, everyday people with families and jobs and responsibilities treat others so horribly” nasty. Usually on a whim, for no other purpose than ride the wave of the masses.

Social media has been used to express venom and hate towards people for even the slightest of differences. It’s been used to abuse women, to keep down minorities. It’s been an avenue to express some of the most vile, ignorant opinions to strangers about other strangers based on the fact that someone lives a life different than yours. Let them be, I tell you!

It’s become the judge, jury, and executioner.

I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed because, though I’ve not actively participated in it, I’ve done nothing to make it better. For that, I’m deeply sorry.

Let’s get back to the time when we used the internet to further our understanding of the world. Let’s reconnect with the roots of online communication, seeking people around the world who share in our passions, in our interests, and in our dreams. Let’s learn about each other’s cultures, accept and try our best to understand each other’s world views. We all experience our lifetime from our own unique perspectives. Let’s embrace this. Let’s use the internet as a tool to empower our neighbors to be whoever they want to be.

Let’s stop being nasty simply because there are no “real-world” ramifications. Let’s do our part to make this a better place to be.

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